Welcome to the Commons

“In an information commons, the underlying philosophy is to provide users with a seamless work environment so that they may access, manage, and produce information at the same workstation.”
-D. Russel Baily, Transforming Library Service through Information Commons

The Commons is a collaborative environment that features innovatively designed workspaces offering complete access to the widest possible range of resources.

It is a combination of advanced computers, leading edge software, competent help and support, a wide range of classes, a pleasant environment, collaboration areas, and comfortable seating.

Also available are a practice presentation room with digital projector, and a multimedia room for creating everything from simple images to complex sound and videos.

It is an inviting world which welcomes people who want to study, think, develop new ideas, collaborate with others, or just to rest, read a good book, or surf the net.

So please relax and enjoy this space which has been spcifically designed and created for people like you.

David Newbold
Information Commons Manager


So, What is the Library Information Commons?!?

The Library Information Commons (or LInC for short) is a unique and innovative new resource for faculty, students and staff here at UCSD. On first glance, we appear to be a normal computer lab. But let’s take a closer look…

Overall, LInC is a joint venture between ACS and the Biomedical Library. This means that we have almost 80 brand-new, top of the line machines for your use. In addition to being fast, they have the ability to burn both CDs and DVDs. We also have a scanning station and both a black and white and color printer available. Along with the rest of campus, we have the usual productivity software, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. But, we also have bioinformatics tools, image editing software, programming tools as well as access to several medical, biological and chemical databases. Check here to see all of the programs available.

Instead of being arranged in a normal configuration, LInC has been set-up to optimize group interaction. Computers are located on hexagonal tables with the sixth space empty for patrons with their own laptops. Additionally, we have wired tables with convenient plugs located on the table top so that no one has to trip over any wires. There are also plenty of convenient plugs located along the walls and in the floors. And just like the rest of campus, we have wireless internet. We also have comfortable, modular furniture that can be easily rearranged. One fact many students don’t know is that LInC isn’t a quiet zone. This is an area where groups can get together and work on projects and assignments. We also have group study rooms and a presentation practice room for your use.

Unlike a traditional computer lab, we have a Help Desk. What makes LInC different than any other computer lab is that we are a combination of a computer lab, reference desk and electronic learning. The Help Desk staff is there to help you with more than just broken computers. They are trained to help you do everything from get your laptop on the wireless network to putting together PowerPoint presentations to looking up information from databases. LInC also has its own reference shelf with dozens of books about using the programs on our computers. These books are available on Roger and can be checked out for up to 24 hours. In addition, there are 390 titles available online for anyone to use at any time.

So, LInC has been designed with today’s students in mind. We offer pervasive technology to provide users with a seamless environment so they may access, manage and produce information all at the same location. We support the unique user needs of professional and academic researchers as well as graduate and undergraduate students and facilitate that learning experience by integrating curriculum, reference resources, instruction and technology. We offer an innovative but comfortable environment with cutting edge technology that allows for research, writing papers, manipulating data and creating presentations, which includes group spaces to encourage collaboration and interaction.

Now, you know what LInC is. We are new, so help spread the word about us. Not only is LInC a place to study or to get your work done, it’s a resource here to help you.